We’ve Lost a Journalism Giant from Vietnam Era

The nation has lost another of those who covered the Vietnam War from the front lines.

Iver Peterson died earlier this month at age 70. He was a reporter for the New York Times and in their story about him wrote: “Mr. Peterson was one of a generation of young reporters who earned distinction as war correspondents in Vietnam. Besides his dispatches from combat zones, Mr. Peterson wrote of an American dump scavenged by two Vietnamese villages near Danang; drug use by American soldiers; and the practice by Cambodian soldiers of wearing amulets to ward off bullets.”

Read the complete story about Iverson here.

Earlier this year, Horst Faas, a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer passed away. He chronicled the Vietnam War through images and you can see many of them here.

They helped tell the world the story of the Vietnam War and those who served, and we hope to continue telling those stories in the Education Center at The Wall.