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From Bismark, ND to the United States Congress: The Impact of Vietnam Project-Based Learning


By Melanie Lowry, Education Outreach Intern “‘Project-based learning’ is the new buzzword in education that our school is encouraging teachers to use”, said Laura Forde, a social studies teacher at Bismarck High School… Continue reading

The Wall brings reflection to student decades after Vietnam War


In October of 2014, a group of students from Bethesda Chevy-Chase (B-CC) High School made a visit to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. During their visit, they learned about the impact of war, listened… Continue reading

Warriors: Their Stories


When we talk about Vietnam, who do we hear it from? In the sixties, not only was Vietnam brought to you by photojournalists who reported on the front lines, but this news was… Continue reading

Lessons of the Past and Present


By Maria Cucurullo In 2007, I enrolled in Lessons of Vietnam/Recent International Relations (LOV/RIR), a course taught by Ms. Lindy Poling at Millbrook High School (Raleigh, N.C.). This class provided students with a… Continue reading

Honoring those who paid the ultimate price


 What does Memorial Day mean to you? How do you commemorate the day?   Memorial Day – a day we remember those Americans who died in active military service. While we honor and… Continue reading

Stories of Service: Joe Mendoza


By Joe Mendoza, who served August 1967-July 1969, in the Army. I volunteered for the Draft as I felt that I needed to do my part and duty for our country.  I was trained… Continue reading

Stories of Service: Phil Elsner


My service started when I went to Coney Island and I saw a Navy recruiting officer. Since I was 21, I went in and I enlisted. That was June, 1964. I was told to report on August fourth and I went into the city by… Continue reading

War echoes through time, generations


By Eric Mink, originally published in the St. Louis Jewish Light People leave behind, on purpose, all kinds of things after visiting the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington. They’ve left about 400,000 items there… Continue reading

Texas Capitol Vietnam Veterans Monument Dedication Ceremony


By Anneliese Bustillo This past weekend, I had the privilege of attending the Texas Capitol Vietnam Veterans Monument (TCVVM) dedication ceremony. It was an incredibly moving ceremony honoring the 3,417 men from Texas… Continue reading

Bruce Springsteen Honors MIA With Song


In the mid-1960s, a New Jersey shore band exploded onto to the music scene with a British invasion-inspired sound and a particularly charismatic lead singer. The Motifs was a sensation in the area… Continue reading

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