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Eighth Graders March in Honor of a Peer


As eighth grade students at the University School of Milwaukee in Wisconsin begin their Vietnam War unit, their American history teacher, Chuck Taft, displays the photo of Jack Russell Smith. He asks if his… Continue reading

Middle Schoolers Honor Vietnam Heroes


The Vietnam War often gets just a small mention in middle school history books. For most 12 and 13 year olds, the war seems to exist in the distant past, with no effect… Continue reading

Losing a Loyal Friend


The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund lost a loyal supporter this past March. Richard “Dick” Frey, 70, loving husband, father and grandfather, died March 8, 2013. Dick was born in a small, rural town… Continue reading

Honoring Two Lost Comrades


In 1998, Elmer Wetzel made his first trip to the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C. and looked for the names of his buddies from the 196th Helicopter Assault Company. “I was crying… Continue reading

The Mission To Find Utah’s Heroes


By Jan C. Scruggs Mormons have seen combat in the military since the Mexican American War and indeed eleven have received the Medal of Honor. I had a Mormon friend while serving in… Continue reading

Remembering High School Friends


One night when Charles Hawkins and his friends were young and living in Minneapolis, the young men heard the screeching of tires outside his house. They raced out to see their friend Terry… Continue reading

Twenty Black Washingtonians Honored by Anonymous Donor


A $20,000 gift from an anonymous donor will be used to endow the photos and stories of 20 African American soldiers from Washington, D.C., ensuring these vital pieces of history will be remembered… Continue reading

A Widow Remembers

by During Black History Month, VVMF honors Sgt. 1st Class Howard Lee Early, USA. He was killed on Feb. 19, 1969. Early is dearly missed by his widow, and President of Gold Star… Continue reading

Vietnamese Immigrant Thanks American Servicemembers


For those who believe that the Vietnam War was a futile effort; look no further than Huong Le. An immigrant from Vietnam, Huong’s father brought her to the United States because he believed… Continue reading

Finishing a brother’s life’s work


The number of names on The Wall is a small percentage of the number of lives affected by the Vietnam War. Countless Vietnam veterans have died since the end of the war of… Continue reading