This is what a donation to VVMF goes to

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(Photo/John Young)

VVMF receives no government funding. When a donation is made to VVMF – it goes to programs that help us further our mission to honor those who served and sacrificed in Vietnam, preserve The Wall and the legacies of those inscribed on it and educate current and future generations on the impact of the Vietnam War on America. For every $10 donation, $8.70 of it goes directly to funding these programs:

  • Care and Preservation of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial site in Washington, D.C.
    • While The Wall sits on federal land managed by the National Park Service, VVMF has a partnership with NPS in which VVMF covers the majority of the expenses in caring for the site. The NPS has millions of dollars in backlogged maintenance requests so VVMF’s help with the Vietnam Veterans Memorial keeps the site out of that backlog.
    • VVMF covers quarterly treatment of the grass on the site, annually adds names and changes status symbols on The Wall, quarterly maintenance and cleaning of the Three Servicemen Statue and In Memory plaque, replacement of name directories each year, and other maintenance needs that may come up from lighting to the walkway to anything needed on the site.
    • Currently, VVMF is working to install new glass on the top of each directory stand and having a new (upgraded) In Memory plaque produced and installed. Both projects are expected to be complete around Veterans Day 2018.

Names are added to The Wall, 2018.

  • Ceremonies at The Wall
    • VVMF hosts annual ceremonies at The Wall in Washington, D.C. for Memorial Day and Veterans Day to pay tribute to those who served and sacrificed in Vietnam. VVMF plans, produces and executes these events. Every five years, VVMF hosts the Reading of the Names – a ceremony which takes place over four days in which each of the more than 58,000 names on The Wall is read aloud.
    • From the seating to the printed programs to the audio, video and photography expenses – all ceremony expenses are covered by our generous donors.

Veterans Day at The Wall, 2017.

  • The Wall That Heals mobile exhibit
    • VVMF takes its ¾ scale Wall replica and accompanying mobile Education Center on the road to 40 communities across America each year to spread the Memorial’s healing legacy to those who cannot make it to Washington, D.C.
    • Two VVMF representatives are at each site to lead local volunteers in set up of the exhibit. VVMF provides guided tours of The Wall and exhibit to student groups to educate them about the impact of the Vietnam War on America. We also help visitors find names on The Wall and assist with name rubbings.
    • Thanks to our generous donors, VVMF was able to unveil an all new larger exhibit in 2018 and has seen a dramatic increase in veterans and visitors (up 60% year over year) at each site.
    • The mobile Education Center display includes digital displays of “Hometown Heroes” – those on The Wall from the local area – as well as the In Memory honorees from the state we are on display.
    • While the host does pay a site fee to bring The Wall That Heals to their community, it does not cover the majority of the costs to keep The Wall That Heals on the road.
TWTH in Portland - 2018 - DLG Photography (70).jpg

A visitor takes a photo of a name on The Wall That Heals mobile exhibit

  • Education programs
    • VVMF reaches current generations through a number of educational efforts – at The Wall in D.C., on the road at The Wall That Heals, in the classroom and through different technologies.
    • VVMF’s education and outreach staff meets school and reunion groups at The Wall for personal tours of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial site. We also meet with groups at The Wall That Heals for guided tours of the Wall and to talk about the items in the mobile Education Center.
    • We go into classrooms to teach about the impact of the Vietnam War and will be re-introducing a traveling trunk program in 2019 which provides items that students can actually touch and feel to tell the story of Vietnam.
    • We have a distance learning program that connects classrooms with the collection of items left at The Wall through Skype technology.
    • VVMF has developed a robust curriculum that helps teachers “teach Vietnam” that is available to teachers free of charge.
    • VVMF produced a virtual tour that can be seen by anyone online. “The Wall” app, which provides a mobile tour of the memorial site and the ability to view the Wall of Faces online, will be upgraded with even more features in the coming months.
    • All of our educational efforts are free to students and teachers.
Girl Scout Day October - 2016 - Latosha Adams (79)

Girl Scout Day at The Wall, 2016.

  • In Memory program
    • VVMF manages the In Memory program which honors Vietnam veterans who returned home from Vietnam and later died as a result of their service. In 2018, VVMF added another 345 honorees to the online In Memory Honor Roll and hosted nearly 2,000 family members and friends at the annual In Memory ceremony in Washington, D.C.
    • Honoring a veteran is free to the applicant – all thanks to our donors.
In Memory Day - 2018 - Dave Scavone (1198)

Family members read aloud the name of their loved one during In Memory Day, 2018.

  • Name rubbings
    • VVMF provides name rubbings from The Wall in D.C. at no charge to anyone who requests one. A volunteer or VVMF staff member does the name rubbing and VVMF mails the rubbing out to the requestor.

VVMF President and CEO Jim Knotts makes a name rubbing at The Wall, 2018.

  • Father’s Day at The Wall
    • VVMF hosts the annual rose remembrance at The Wall each Father’s Day where 2,000 roses are laid at The Wall to honor fathers on The Wall, those that never got the chance to become fathers and the fathers who returned home but later died as a result of their service.
    • Red roses are for those killed in action, yellow roses are for those missing in action and white roses with red tips symbolize those who returned home and later died as a result of their service. We are able to offer these roses because of our generous supporters.

Thousands of flowers are laid at The Wall during the annual Father’s Day Rose Remembrance, 2018.

  • Wall of Faces and virtual collection of items left at The Wall
    • The VVMF website hosts and maintains the Wall of Faces – with a page for each of the more than 58,000 service members on The Wall – which provides information on each service member and preserves their legacy for all to see.
    • The VVMF site also includes the virtual collection of items left at The Wall – the largest public display of items left at The Wall – which students can use to do research on the effects of the Vietnam War on America. VVMF has a curator on site where the items are stored that provides the photos and provenance for each item in the virtual collection.

The Wall of Faces is an online memorial site where the photos of those who died in Vietnam and have names inscribed on The Wall are on display.

VVMF takes our stewardship of your donations seriously. The programs we fund are designed to help us achieve our mission. We thank all of our supporters for making this possible.