Ironman raises funds, honors father

By Frank Valle

I am Frankie Valle and am an Ironman finisher in 5 races. I have been a triathlete since 2000.

ironmanflorida2sq-52a8a5532a1f0This year I have made the decision to race for a cause that has been on my mind for a long time and a part of my life since I was 4 years old. My dad was killed in Vietnam on March 12 1968.  His name, SFC Francisco Luis Valle is inscribed on panel 44 E ROW 31.

SFC Francisco Luis Valle

SFC Francisco Luis Valle

At that time, my two sisters, Susan and Sandra, and I became part of group of children that lost their dad in the Vietnam War. I have been part of a group called Sons and Daughters in Touch. Their mission statement is as follows: 
to locate, unite and provide support to the Gold Star ‘sons and daughters’ and other family members of those who died or remain missing as a result of the Vietnam War; to produce a periodic e-newsletter providing important information to all SDIT stakeholders; to promote healing via networking and special projects, to regularly address other Gold Star family organizations, high schools and college classes in hopes of providing education on the historical and emotional legacy of war.

We share a special bond with all children who have lost a father or mother in the service of the country.

Our fathers names, 58,282 names in all, are inscribed on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. They were our fathers.

The Wall was built in 1982 to help heal the wounds and honor the Vietnam veterans. The Wall is where we go honor our Fathers and where all of America can connect with the soldiers that were lost, the ones that gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country. It is here where all generations can see that freedom is not free and that men and woman have given their life to keep this great nation free. It is where, we as sons and daughters, can keep their dad or mom’s memory alive and they will not be forgotten.

The move is on now to build The Education Center at The Wall so that the 58,282 names on the wall can come to life and their story can be told. At this center, we hope to have the 400,000 items of remembrance available for viewing. Funds have to be raised. I am asking for your help. My goal is to raise 5000 dollars.  Please join me in this cause in honoring and remembering these true IRONMAN that have made the ultimate sacrifice and the men and women of The UNTED STATES armed Forces who are serving and sacrificing everyday to keep this nation free.

You can help Frankie’s cause by donating today.