Fourteen names to be added to The Wall, honored on Mother’s Day

Each spring, VVMF works with the Department of Defense (DOD) to ensure that The Wall is accurate. When MIAs are recovered in Vietnam or when an appeal has been approved for addition to The Wall, VVMF makes the appropriate changes.

On Mother’s Day, fourteen new names will take their rightful place among their fallen brothers and sisters. Please join the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund in honoring the fourteen new names and  eight status changes that will be added to The Wall on Sunday, May 11, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. Each year, new names are added to The Wall to fix clerical errors and mistakes, and to honor those veterans who died as a direct result of their wounds sustained while in Vietnam.

The fourteen men who will be added to The Wall are as follows:


Jerry Leon Antrich

Staff Sergeant, E6Image

Date of Birth: 20 June 1930

Home of Record: Houston, Texas

Date of Death: 10 August 1969

Panel 29E Line 9


Jerry L. Antrich served at Fort Sill from 1952 to 1964 with three intervening tours in Korea and Germany. In June 1966 he was assigned to the 9th Infantry Division at Fort Riley Kansas and then to the 84th Artillery in Korea from August 1966 to January 1967 when that battery went to Vietnam. He was wounded and evacuated from Vietnam on November 16, 1967.



Frederick Joseph Baum

Sergeant First Class, E7 Image

Date of Birth: 22 February 1930

Home of Record: Baltimore, Maryland

Date of Death: 28 February 1971

Panel 4W Line 16


Frederick J. Baum extended his Vietnam tour in February 1970 after re-enlisting in Vietnam in September 1967. He was posthumously awarded the Joint Service Commendation Medal for Meritorious Service on 23 March 1971, General Order 1284, from HQ US Army, Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence.



Henry John Drozdowski Jr.

Private First Class, E3Image

Date of Birth: 9 March 1947

Home of Record: Detroit, Michigan

Date of Death: 30 April 2011

Panel 17E Line 102


Henry J. Drozdowski Jr. was severely injured in 1967 while fighting in Operation Cedar Falls, a massive search and destroy operation to eradicate the so-called “Iron Triangle,” an area in close proximity to Saigon that had become a major stronghold of the Viet Cong. He received two Purple Hearts and the Bronze Star.








 Michael Noel Faherty

Specialist 5, SP5

Date of Birth: 30 December 1946

Home of Record: Marlboro, Massachusetts

Date of Death: 25 July 1968Image

Panel 46W Line 37


Michael N. Faherty was born in Galway, Ireland.  He immigrated to Boston and joined the U.S. Army on April 20, 1966. He is buried in Rahoon Cemetery, in Galway city, where a weathered grave marker stands witness to his short military career.






Gregory Jackson Franklin

Private First Class, E3

Date of Birth: 19 July 1949Image

Home of Record: Winchester, Virginia

Date of Death: 12 February 1979

Panel 37W Line 31


Gregory J. Franklin was wounded in action on November 27, 1968 and died of those wounds on February 12, 1979. He was laid to rest in Shenandoah Memorial Park in Winchester, Virginia.







William Arthur Gabrielsen

Specialist 4, SP4

Date of Birth: 2 April 1947Image

Home of Record: Frankfort, Michigan

Date of Death: 10 March 1970

Panel 44W Line 62


 “Bill was a kind, decent, and caring young man who had his entire life before him.  Had he lived he would have been known by all for his kind hearted gentle spirit.  A wonderful son, brother, and friend, he made the ultimate sacrifice for his country.  It is only fitting that his name has finally found its place on The Wall,” said his brother, Ed Gabrielsen.






Ronald Hall

Private First Class, E3

Date of Birth: 20 July 1948

Home of Record: Birmingham, AlabamaImage

Date of Death: 2 October 1967

Panel 27E Line 39


Ronald Hall completed Basic Combat Training at Fort Benning in 1966. In February 1967, he was assigned to Company C, 4th Medical Battalion, 4th Infantry Division as a Medical Aid Man in Vietnam.







Robert Kroptavich

Specialist 4, SP4

Date of Birth: 26 October 1942Image

Home of Record: Scranton, Pennsylvania

Date of Death: 10 September 1968

Panel 35W Line 50

Robert Kroptavich reported to Basic Combat Training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina in February 1967. Later that year he was assigned to the 25th Infantry Division in Vietnam.







Thomas Charles Littles

Specialist 4, SP4

Date of Birth: 29 November 1946Image

Home of Record: Brewton, Alabama

Date of Death: 3 June 1971

Panel 14W Line 15


Thomas C. Littles completed high school at Conecuh County Training School (CCTS) in Evergreen, Alabama. After graduation, he attended Dillard University briefly on a basketball scholarship. He was drafted into the U.S. Army in 1966 and assigned for duty with Company C/1/5 Mechanic- 25th Infantry Division. He was wounded in 1969 during his first tour in Vietnam.





Paul Luther Loidolt

Private First Class, E3Image

Date of Birth: 30 August 1948

Home of Record: Phoenix, Arizona

Date of Death: 21 February 1969

Panel 48E Line 4


Paul L. Loidolt enlisted in the military in Phoenix, Arizona on June 8, 1967. He was wounded in Vietnam on April 4, 1968 and passed from his injuries in 1969.





Walter Hugh Mauldin

Master Sergeant, E8

Date of Birth: 9 September 1931WALTER_HUGH_MAULDIN

Home of Record: Doraville, Georgia

Date of Death: 8 May 1968

Panel 60E Line 14


Walter H. Mauldin joined the military in April 1948 and served for more than 20 years. His eldest daughter Elisabeth remembers, “He definitely wanted to join the military and serve out of a sense of duty. We last saw our father at Walter Reed Hospital in the spring of 1968.”





Alan Leslie Seamans

Specialist 4, SP4Image

Date of Birth: 10 June 1949

Home of Record: Grafton County, New Hampshire

Date of Death: 25 January 1998

Panel 27E Line 98


Alan L. Seamans was severely wounded on October 13, 1967 in an engagement in the Ho Bo Woods north of Cu Chi, South Vietnam while serving with D Company, 4th Battalion, 9th Infantry. On March 6, 1968 he was medically retired from the U. S. Army.






Chester Staten

Machinist’s Mate Third Class, MM3

Date of Birth: 4 July 1943

Home of Record:  Rayville, Louisiana

Date of Death: 13 April 1965

Chester Staten attended Pardue Elementary School and graduated from Alto High School at the age of 15.  After graduation, he moved to Houston, Texas to live with an older sister.  In 1961 he joined the U.S. Navy and completed engineering training.  He was on the USS Ranger when he was killed in 1965.





Danny Joe Wilson

Private First Class, E3

Date of Birth: 8 July 1944

Home of Record: Florence, Alabama

Date of Death: 16 November 2012Image

Panel 18E Line 109

Danny J. Wilson entered the U.S. Army in August 1965 and completed his basic training in Ft. Jackson, S.C. He was then sent to Ft. Ord, Calif. for advanced combat training. He left for Vietnam in December   1965. He was assigned to Company D, 1st Battalion, 5th Calvary Division, where he served as a light weapons/ammo bearer. He was injured on August 18, 1966, for which he was awarded the Purple Heart.