Meet Mitch: A Hero Dog


There’s a new face at VVMF! Meet Mitch, an eight-week-old recruit for Hero Dogs. Tim Tetz, VVMF’s Director of Outreach, is raising the puppy to be a service dog for veterans!

Hero Dogs is a non-profit organization in Maryland that trains and provides service dogs to disabled veterans at zero cost to the veteran. When he grows up, Mitch may provide hearing skills, mobility assistance, or PTSD care for one of our nation’s heroes.

In the meantime, Mitch will spend his workdays at VVMF and his evenings and weekends with Tim and his family. Part of his training is an opportunity to “work” in a workplace and out in the general public. We look forward to having Mitch volunteer with us at a few ceremonies down at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial this year!

Mitch is named after Billy Mitchell, a United States General who is considered the father of the Air Force. Like his namesake, Mitch is a trailblazer!

Tim and Mitch hard at work!

Tim and Mitch hard at work!