The Wall that Heals

A beautiful sketch of The Wall That Heals in Auburn, WA by Kate Buike!

Red Harp Arts

Since I’ve returned to sketching, I’ve made it my practice to sketch on Veterans Day.  Last year I went to the National Cemetery.

Today I went to see the Traveling Wall.  It was impressive.  For some reason, I thought it was just a section of the wall.  It’s not.  It is the entire Wall but half size.  It’s also not carved stone but metal.  I’ve seen the real Viet Nam Veterans memorial in DC.

It is in Auburn for the commemoration.  Hard to believe, but I heard on the news that the small city of Auburn, WA has one of, if not THE, largest Veterans Day Parade in the USA.

“The City of Auburn is pleased to bring back the Vietnam Veterans Traveling Wall, a half-scale replica of the Washington, D.C.-based Vietnam Memorial Wall. The wall contains 58,249 names of those killed or missing in action from the conflict…

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