Landscape of The Wall Prepared for Veterans Day

033We at VVMF are often flattered to hear that the clean, polished granite Wall and the noticeably green and healthy lawn of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial exceed the expectations of the thousands who visit every year. We are proud to make the experience of visiting The Wall the best it can be through our many site preservation and maintenance efforts.

VVMF’s partnership with the National Park Service has made it possible for VVMF to contract with the nation’s largest lawn care company, TruGreen, specializing in landscape design, fertilization, mowing, and tailored lawn care to ensure that one of America’s most beloved landmarks remains among the most beautiful sites in Washington.

Today, TruGreen reseeded the lawn to maintain the healthy look of the three-acre site on which the Vietnam Veterans Memorial rests. The reseeding comes just in time for Veterans Day, so the site will look its best for the thousands of veterans, families and friends who will reflect, honor and remember here on November 11th.

036“Visitors to the National Mall like seeing lush, green, garden-like spaces,” said Jan C. Scruggs, president and founder of VVMF. “But, we take our stewardship responsibilities seriously, and we’ll do what we can. So far, compared to other sites, the grass at The Wall is holding up well.”

VVMF takes an active role concerning the physical needs of The Wall, The Three Serviceman statue and flagpole, and the rest of the three-acre site on which the Vietnam Veterans Memorial rests. Services provided by VVMF include insuring The Wall against damages, providing copies of the Directory of Names to assist visitors on-site, as well as regular Wall cleaning and maintenance. VVMF also adds names to The Wall and makes status changes for those whose remains have been returned home. These efforts could not be possible without the help of our generous donors.  So we would like to extend a huge “Thank you!” to all who support us!