Time to go… Back out to Sea?

Six great, humorous reasons to join Operation Homefront and VVMF on Princess Cruise’s first Cruise to Support Veterans!

Action Speaks-Voices of Operation Homefront

I’ve never been on a cruise. Or should I say, on a ship that wasn’t painted gray and called USS Lincoln.  But when I heard that Princess Cruises was launching their inaugural Cruise for a Cause, and that it would honor veterans and military members, AND that a portion of the sales would go to Operation Homefront and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, I felt the call of the sea.

Now, I had to convince my husband (a submarine veteran) of why he should sail the seas when, in his former life,  the very mention of a surface ship produced snorts and NOT ON YOUR LIFES and other amusing commentary (submariners…eyeroll). So I made up a fun little list of 6 reasons to go:

1.  It’s a ship, not a boat. If you have ever been around a submariner and made this mistake, then you…

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