Historian, Journalist Stanley Karnow Dies

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and historian Stanley Karnow died on Sunday at his home in Potomac, Md. at the age of 87. Karnow was a great friend of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, contributing to our educational curriculum, participating in our teacher conferences and speaking at numerous ceremonies at The Wall. Karnow was in Vietnam in 1959 when the first American advisers were killed. He went on to produce books and television documentaries about the Vietnam War. Karnow will be greatly missed and we send our sincerest condolences to his family and friends.

“Stan Karnow was a close friend and a respected writer about the war in Vietnam,” VVMF Founder Jan Scruggs said. “His intellect and sense of humor were only two of his many exceptional qualities.  His book ‘Vietnam: A History’ remains the most important  account of the centuries of military conflict that plagued that Asian nation and the situation that ultimately involved three million Americans.”

Read Karnow’s full New York Times obituary here. Here is a video of Karnow speaking on a VVMF Military and the Media panel discussion.


Stanley Karnow and Jan Scruggs at a teachers conference at the Newseum in 2008.