“My brother is more than just a name.”

On this day in 1966, Rosalind E. Myers’ little brother, Lance Corporal Stanley Richard Smith, was killed in action in Vietnam.  He died in the Quang Nam Province of South Vietnam just two months shy of his 20th birthday.

Stanley, the Pittsburgh native had an older brother who also served in Vietnam. Known as Butchie to his family and friends, Butchie joined the military in April 1966. He died in Vietnam on July 17, 1966. Subsequently, his older Marine Corp brother returned home safely from Vietnam, as did Rosalind’s husband.

“It’s very difficult for him to talk about the loss of Butchie, who was the youngest of five children,” Rosalind said of her older brother. “The memories that my older brother has of Vietnam and the loss of Butchie remains extremely painful for him even to this day.”

Rosalind now lives in Maryland and discovered the Call for Photos campaign in October 2011 while reading a HISTORY Channel online newsletter. She decided to join the effort to raise $1,000 for the Education Center at The Wall in honor of her brother.

“I wanted to help put my brother’s photo in the Education Center so that future generations will know that my brother lived and that he was loved deeply. I want others to know that my brother is more than just a name – a face goes with that name,” Rosalind said.

At her request, Rosalind’s family and friends contributed to the Service Branch Challenge to Build the Center and she surpassed her goal of $1,000 within a few months. Now, she’s planning to keep going by reaching out to her church, work and other community groups.

Rosalind said helping to raise money for the Education Center is important to her because she wants to ensure, “that my brother, along with his comrades, remain alive and their legacy is never forgotten.”

Rosalind’s father died in August 2011 and her stepmother died shortly thereafter in December 2011.

“I just wish my father and step-mother knew what we’re trying to do for my brother,” Rosalind said. “I think they would be so appreciative to know that Butchie will always be remembered and that his face is now known to so many. For that, I will always be grateful to the many hard working staff members and to the founder of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund.”

You can see Rosalind’s fundraising page here if you’re interested in helping her raise funds for the Education Center in honor of her brother.