VVMF Going Viral

You may have noticed all of our social media outlets, but maybe not. In that case, here’s where you can find us!

We’re on Facebook and today we’re announcing our goal to reach 58,282 fans of our page for each of the names etched on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.by Veterans Day 2012. Help us reach that goal by liking our page, sharing photos and links from our page and encouraging your friends to like the page. You can also tag yourself in photos on our Timeline and can upload your own photos to our page to track down people you served with during Vietnam or families of fallen heroes. See this infographic for instructions on how to do that.

We’re building our audience on Twitter and our goal for Veterans Day 2012 is 5,282 followers there. Help us by following us and retweeting us. If you have questions, you can also reach us through Twitter and Facebook, we’re very responsive!

Can’t attend our ceremonies, but want to watch? Check out our YouTube channel. You can also learn more about the Education Center at The Wall there and hear from volunteers and veterans.

You can also find us on LinkedIn. Just search our name in companies, or groups. We’re there.

If you’ve seen The Wall That Heals or want to follow its tour across the country, you can like the page on Facebook.

We’re dabbling in Pinterest. Check us out there and help us decide if we should keep it up.

Help us tell the stories of the 58,282 names on The Wall and those of all veterans, past and present. If you have ideas of what we should be doing on our social media networks, feel free to reach out to us.