A Day at The Wall

Diane Flom had never been to Washington, D.C., and her husband, Jerry, hadn’t been since he was a kid. The last time he was here, it was winter and he didn’t remember the Washington Monument being quite so big.

But this week, they are in Washington for some of the hottest days of the year.

They won the trip as part of a sweepstakes from the Vietnam in HD program produced by HISTORY.

As part of their visit, they stopped by the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and got a tour from HISTORY and VVMF staff.

They knew some of The Wall’s history and had heard  stories of the items left at The Wall in honor of the fallen, but they didn’t know there were eight dogwood trees around the Vietnam Women’s Memorial in honor of the eight women on The Wall.

“It’s things like that you don’t know about,” Diane said.

The Minnesota couple has ties to the Vietnam War. He was issued a 1-A draft card, which meant he was available for unrestricted military service.

“I was ready to go,” he said. His father had been stationed in the Philippines during World War II and Jerry said the stories he told helped prepare him for the chance of going to war.

Though he was never sent to Vietnam, he had many friends who were. The best man in his wedding had served in Vietnam.

“You don’t understand it until you see they guy and talk to him,” Jerry said. “With each guy, you get a really different story.”

VVMF has been proud to partner with HISTORY to gather photos of the fallen for display in the Education Center at The Wall. Learn more about the Vietnam in HD series here.