From Normandy to Binh Ba to Arlington

Today is the anniversary of the D-Day campaign during World War II. More than 9,000 Allied troops were killed or wounded during the landing at Normandy, France.

Twenty-five years later, a battle raged in Vietnam. Early in the morning near the rubber plantation village of Binh Ba in South Vietnam, a rocket-propelled grenade struck the turret of an Australian Centurion tank. The tank was about six kilometers north of the Australian base at Nui Dat. Forty-eight hours later, the battle left one Australian dead and 10 wounded. At least 107 of the enemy were killed, six were wounded and 29 detained. Read more about the battle of Binh Ba here.

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Tomorrow, a Vietnam veteran will be honored at Arlington National Cemetery.

Maj. Bruce Lawrence a U.S. Air Force pilot was shot down during a reconnaissance mission over North Vietnam in 1968. His remains, along with those of his co-pilot, Lt. Col. Edward Silver, were identified last summer. Lawrence’s family buried him between his parents in Raubsville Cemetery in Pennsylvania. Lawrence had joined the Air Force after graduating from Rutgers University in New Jersey.

He and Silver are bring honored in a group burial with Silver.

Read more about Lawrence and Silver here.

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