Their Unthinkable Sacrifices Deserve Our Matching Gratitude

The Education Center at The Wall - Build The Center

Dear Supporter,

As a supporter of the Vietnam Veteran Memorial Fund (VVMF), many of you may know all too well of the cold reception many Vietnam veterans endured upon their return home from war. Today, we have a chance to show why our current returning veterans enjoy the heroes’ welcome they rightly deserve — and show our long-overdue gratitude for Vietnam veterans by honoring these men and women who fought for our great nation.

Veterans Day Challenge

Donate Today!

As you read this email, a dedicated group of great Americans — military officials, patriotic celebrities and business leaders, many of whom are Vietnam veterans — are coming together to put forth a generous donation to help build the Education Center at The Wall. Now, they are asking for your help to make it that much greater. From now until Veterans Day, they will match your donation dollar for dollar in order to complete this mission.

These loyal supporters are leading in this effort by collectively putting up to $5 million dollars to match each dollar contributed by VVMF supporters. This will go toward the remaining $40 million needed to build the Education Center at The Wall.

What does this announcement mean?

This means that your gift of $35, for example, is doubled for a total of $70 … and $50 results in $100 going to VVMF to help build The Education Center at The Wall.It means we have an opportunity to see to it that the brave individuals whose names are etched on The Wall, your loved ones and friends, will always be remembered for their loyalty, duty, respect, service, honor and integrity. And we’ll ensure that future generations will never forget these patriots who served their country just like all of those who came before and after them.

We need to raise the $5 million before Veterans Day, November 11, 2011. When we do this, our benefactors will match it with their own gift of $5 million for a total of $10 million raised!

Veterans Day will be here before you know it. I’m asking you to please give today to honor all Vietnam veterans and their service to our country. Join us and support our Veterans Day Match Campaign.

Whatever amount you give will be doubled, so I hope you give as generously as you possibly can.

How will the money be used?

The Education Center at The Wall will tell the story of the Vietnam War, authored by the people who experienced it. It will connect a face and a personal story to the more than 58,000 names on The Wall. Visitors will have a media-rich, interactive experience and wholly understand the history and sacrifice of each individual veteran of Vietnam. Exhibits will showcase the more than 200,000 items left at The Wall over the past 30 years, in remembrance of those who are no longer with us.

Like you, we believe these heroes — and ALL who served during Vietnam — deserve and have earned whatever it takes to make The Education Center a place of learning and healing for all visitors.

Our goal is to use the $10 million toward the $40 million target needed to construct The Education Center at The Wall by Veterans Day — 11/11/11. But again, I need your patriotic gift to help make it happen.

Yes, building The Education Center is a rather expensive undertaking. But that cost is nothing compared to the cost paid by heroes who fell in Vietnam.

Opportunities for matching gifts don’t come along too often. Please take a moment right now to honor all Vietnam veterans with your gift to the Veterans Day Match Campaign. Your gift will be doubled and put to work paying tribute to these heroes for generations to come.

Over the coming weeks leading up to our benefactor-imposed deadline, you will hear more from the real beneficiaries of the Education Center at The Wall, the families of the loved ones whose legacies and heritage will be preserved forever.

Thank you. Please stay tuned in to events by following us on Facebook and Twitter, or for more detailed information, visit our dedicated website, I’m very grateful for all you do in support of VVMF and those who served during Vietnam.


Jan C. Scruggs
Founder and President

P.S. Remember, to receive the matching gift of $5 million, VVMF — with the help of patriotic supporters like you — must raise the first $5 million by Veterans Day, November 11. Help ensure the goal is met by giving today to the Veterans Day Matching Campaign. Help ensure we don’t lose out on $5 million in matching funds.

Thank you. VVMF