Our journey into York PA began at Battlefield Harley-Davidson in Gettysburg PA. Unfortunately, we were late in arriving due to having the bunk A/C fixed in Des Moines IA. We got the truck turned around, the lead bikes left the parking lot and we followed behind them with the remaining bikes behind us. We went down a two lane highway through the beautiful Pennsylvania country side. Upon arrival at the York Fairgrounds we were directed to park the tractor and trailer across from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on the fair grounds to the location that TWTH was to be setup the following morning. After the meet and greet with our escort, Randy Coble of BAE Systems and the media we retired for the evening. TWTH was setup with the assistance of BAE employees and several veterans of the local community. There was no official opening ceremony, but as normal visitors started arriving before TWTH was completely put together. The big day arrives July 4, 2011, vendors arrived and folks streamed by the Wall That Heals until dusk when the fairgrounds came alive for the fireworks display. For safety sake, we wanted to be sure the tent would not catch on fire, the fair grounds maintenance provided us with 3 fire extinguishers. So we set at the front of the trailer and watched a magnificent fireworks display that was breathe taking from our front row seats. Most of our volunteers were from BAE Systems, Inc. which manufacturer’s equipment and defense systems for our current military. One the volunteers a man named Tommy that looked like Roger Daultry, was there every day buzzing around assisting people in locating names running from the computer to look up the name then escorting the person out to the Wall That Heals to locate the name.