The Wall That Heals in Myrtle Beach, SC

Our journey into Myrtle Beach began with the escort lead by the PGR with Ol Jammer (Bill Amerson), starting at the rest area just south of Fayetteville NC. We proceeded to Dillion SC where we stopped at the Flying J Travel Plaza and accumulated more bikes. We then made the next stop at Galivants Ferry where they staged us in the middle of the highway and picked up the remainder of the escort riders, members of various groups such as Rolling Thunder, Combats Vets, Nam Knights, Christian Motor Cyclist and many more totaling 110 bikes, plus police and sheriff cars.

After a brief break the various motor cycles group assisted in the assembly of TWTH and the tent. The setting had the an ocean view in the back ground with the American and POW/ MIA Flags blowing in the stout breeze.

That evening a lying of the wreath ceremony was performed at TWTH by the Blue Star Mothers.

On Tuesday an Opening Ceremony was held with presentation of the Colors, National Anthem, speakers were: Kris Tourtellotte, director of The Veterans Welcome Home and Resource Center; Bill Devaughn, President of SC3 Rolling Thunder; John Rhodes, Mayor Myrtle Beach; Brad Dean, Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce Director; General Robert Reed, Retired Air Force.

On Thursday evening as Bob and I were leaving the site, we sank in the sand about a foot with the front tires. One of the Legion Riders said he would pull us out with his Ford F150 pickup truck, he left and went home to get a chain from his garage. To my surprise, when he returned, he was able to pull us out of the sand with ease.  We all agreed that Ford should have had a camera there for Ford tough trucks.

On Friday, a few closing remarks were made by Kris Tourtellotte, director of The Veterans Welcome Home and Resource Center; Bill Devaughn, and Robert Ducan State director for the Legion Riders.

An entrance way was made with American Flags to allow Senators John Mc Cain and Lindsey Graham to enter for a quick appearance and photo shoot. Senator Mc Cain was going to be the Grand Marshall for the parade they were having the next day.