Tell Congress to make March 30th “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day”

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Dear Friends,

A terrific resolution has passed the Senate and I need your immediate help to make certain it also passes the House of Representatives.

Sign the petition today – and forward it to your friends – so that the House also declares March 30th of each year as “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day.”

This is an exciting opportunity to honor Vietnam veterans in a distinguished way. We can’t let it slip through our fingers.

Key supporters in Congress of this resolution say:

With March 30th declared as “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day,” citizens across the country can give these veterans the welcome home they never received. Events will honor and thank them for their service. And it will remind Americans everywhere that the soldier doesn’t make policy or start the war. The soldier always deserves our gratitude for serving and never our anger regarding politics.

The resolution is on the floor of the House now! Show your gratitude for the sacrifices of our Vietnam veterans by signing the petition this instant.

And please, please forward this on to as many family and friends as you can. Give them a call. Urge them to join in sending the House of Representatives a strong message from thousands of patriots: American citizens want to honor Vietnam Veterans. We want March 30th to be “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day.”

I need to collect your signature along with ALL the others by March 21st. The petition with the signatures must reach our key supporters in Congress before the vote in the House.

There’s no time to delay. Honor all Vietnam veterans by signing the petition now. Thank you.


Jan C. Scruggs
Founder and President

P.S. Please forward this email to family and friends right now to ensure this important resolution passes!

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