VVMF Launches Virginia State Committee for the Education Center

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Greetings Jason Cain! Below find important information about the VVMF’s events and programs.
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund’s News
VVMF Launches Virginia State Committee for the Education Center
VVMF launched the Virginia Committee to Build the Education Center at The Wall on Feb. 4 in Arlington, Virginia. The launch, generously hosted by BAE Systems, brought together VVMF’s leading Virginia supporters to expand outreach and fundraising efforts in the state. The overall goal of the committee is to help raise funds for the campaign in honor of the 1,306 Virginia heroes who gave their lives during the Vietnam War and whose names are on The Wall.

VVMF would like to thank everyone who participated for their continued support and commitment, with a special thanks to Gen. Richard Myers USAF (Ret.), Maj. Gen. Neal Creighton USA (Ret.) and James “Marty” Irving.

For more information on how you can get involved in outreach activities in your state, e-mail VVMF’s State Committee Coordinator Danielle Schira at dschira@vvmf.org.

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Charity Poker Tournament to Benefit Education Center
The Education Center at The Wall Celebrity-Charity Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Tournament, hosted by Vince Van Patten of the World Poker Tour, will take place in San Antonio, Texas on April 15. A portion of the proceeds will benefit VVMF’s campaign to build the Education Center.

The event is open to the public and includes several options that will fit easily into any budget:

  • Dinner and Casino Night includes dinner, a silent auction and a fun-filled evening of gaming.
  • Dinner and the Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Tournament puts you in the competition.
  • Or you can opt to attend the poker tournament only.

This exciting charity poker tournament is a collaborative effort between SAF Studios Inc. and the National Concierge Association. To learn more about the tournament or get tickets, visit the tournament website here.

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Education Center Receives 1,000 New Photos in January
January was a productive month for VVMF’s National Call for Photos, with nearly 1,000 digital and hard-copy images received in just that month alone. January’s donations increased our total inventory of collected photographs to just over 15,000.

Thanks to the dedication and teamwork of our volunteers in Maryland, New Mexico and North Dakota, each of these states is well above the 90 percent completion rate for gathering their photos. VVMF is also partnering with the New Jersey Vietnam Veterans Memorial to gather all of the photos of New Jersey natives whose names are on The Wall. In addition, our grassroots volunteers in North Carolina have worked to obtain more than half of the photographs for the 1,610 North Carolinians on The Wall.

We encourage you to visit VVMF’s Virtual Wall and see who from your hometown made the ultimate sacrifice in Vietnam.

All across the country, people are volunteering their time and energy to help put faces to the more than 58,000 names on The Wall. We encourage you to join our volunteer network by registering as a volunteer on the Education Center website.

If you have questions or would like to receive a guide for submitting photos for the National Call for Photos, contact Martin Kobylarczyk at mkobylarczyk@vvmf.org.

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Stories of Love and Service Recounted on the Virtual Wall
As Valentine’s Day approaches, we remember that many of the people whose names are on The Wall had spouses and sweethearts who miss them still. Here is one remembrance of a wife to her husband that illustrates the point.

Terry L. Greenhalgh
Panel 36W, Row 63

It has been 39 years since I was in your arms. I miss you so much. I fell in love with you the first time we met and I will love you for the rest of my life. Your smile and sparkling eyes would melt my heart. You were the most wonderful husband a woman could ask for. I thank God for the years we did have together and for the beautiful daughter that we brought into this world. She has many of your loving and endearing ways. You would be very proud of her. Whenever I see a jet flying overhead, I think of you and your passion for flying. I know you are with the Lord and that gives me peace. Until we meet again, I will not let your memory die. I will love you forever.
With all of my love,
Jacquelyn Greenhalgh

February is Black History Month. As we pause to consider the many African-Americans who have had an impact on our nation’s history, we should not forget the African-American service members who gave their all in Vietnam and in all of America’s wars.

Eddie Kitchen Jr.
Panel 43E, Row 24

Eddie Kitchen took us under his wing, guided us, counseled us and helped us through the rigors of the training program. I admired this man, who had the physique of a boxer, for his compassion for his fellow soldier, always, however, with a view to duty. Eddie was a champion boxer in the Army. He could well have served out his career in that capacity. He wanted to be an officer and took this opportunity to advance in the Army. He was a family man, proudly carrying photographs of his wife and children. He always had a smile on his face. He never failed to inquire about problems which confronted many of us, and he offered assistance and suggestions. Eddie was doing what he had to do, for his country, his family, the Army, his friends, comrades and unit. God bless you, Eddie Kitchen.
Submitted by:
Gerald Koelling

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VVMF Invites Teachers and School Groups to Ceremonies at The Wall
What better way to get students interested in the Vietnam War era than to bring them to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.? Hundreds of school groups make trips to The Wall each year, where they find names, make name rubbings and learn more about the Memorial and how important it was to the era.

If you are planning a class trip to the Memorial, consider timing it to coincide with one of the ceremonies VVMF holds at The Wall throughout the year. These ceremonies include In Memory Day on the third Monday in April; Mother’s Day; Memorial Day; Father’s Day; Veterans Day and the Christmas Tree Ceremony during the holiday season. These ceremonies are free and open to the public. You can even find out how your class can volunteer to help out during the event.

If a class trip is not possible, there are other ways for your students to participate. The Mothers Day and Christmas Tree ceremonies both use handmade cards submitted by schoolchildren. The Christmas Tree Ceremony also uses ornaments hand made in the schools. You can make these cards and ornaments a class project and submit them to VVMF to be used in the ceremony. You can also request some of the blank cards that will be used during the Father’s Day Rose Remembrance Ceremony and ask your students to write messages to be placed on a rose and left at The Wall.

If you are interested in attending or participating in one of VVMF’s ceremonies or if you need more information, contact Geoff Wiles at gwiles@vvmf.org.

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Bring The Wall That Heals to Your Community
The Wall That Heals is VVMF’s half-scale replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial that travels to communities throughout the United States every year, bringing the healing message of The Wall to people who may never have the opportunity to visit the Memorial in Washington, D.C.

The traveling season for The Wall That Heals begins soon, but there are still open dates if you want to bring the replica to your community–especially in the summer. To learn the requirements for the site, the fees involved and what else you will need to have in place to host The Wall That Heals, or to reserve a date for your community, contact Martin Kobylarczyk at mkobylarczyk@vvmf.org.

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