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In honor of the men and women of the Armed Forces of the United States who served in the Vietnam War.  The faces of those who gave their lives and of those who remain missing will be forever remembered in The Education Center at The Wall.
Dear Education Center at The Wall Volunteers,

Start with your own gift to help Build The Center, today.
Your gift will ensure the opportunity for millions of Americans to learn, remember, heal and honor the sacrifices of our fallen heroes.

We’ve had a lot of activity that will help us achieve our goal of raising between $15-20 Million in 2011.  For one we’ve come up with this newer fancier email!  My intention with these is to of course update the team on various activities here in DC and through the country, but also to provide something that you can forward on to family, friends, or other potential supporters.  So please feel free to forward these emails and my contact information on to anyone that you think will aid in our efforts to build the Education Center at The Wall.

Recent Events

  • Kick off of Virginia and DC State Committee–  On February 4th General Barry McCaffery will be helping us kick off our Virginia and DC State Committee.  Virginia will be the second state to coordinate their efforts to raise $1000 per Virginian on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.   Committee members are taked to personally “Give or Get” $100,000 in donations.  The State Committee’s will work closely with the volunteer network to coordinate their efforts and meet their goal of $1.5 Million.  Danielle Schira, will be heading up those efforts in our office.
  • Operation Chilli Cookoff- Independence Harley-Davidson, College Station, TX.  Jay Kimbrough and Sam Sassaman worked with Independence Harley-Davidson to organize for the Education Center at The Wall to receive all proceeds from the charity event.
  • Outreach Success- Jack Cunningham, out of New Jersey, used his previous experience with online activism to start aFacebook Cause which quickly reached 1,400 supporters in just a few days. Yet another example of how we can help spread the word!

Campaign Update

  • Boots on the Ground- We’re up to 125 active volunteers!  Of course we need to continue to grow our ranks but this is good progress.  Continue to encourage interested parties to join us by directing them to the volunteer form.
  • Call For Photos– We’ve reached out to a number of our volunteers to begin to assist us with processing and posting pictures for the Virtual Wall and for inclusion in the Education Center.   This will both decrease our costs and processing time.  If you’d be interested in helping contact Martin,  Here is where we’re at in some of the states we’re focusing on.  We still have a long ways to go but getting a few more 100% or at least some 80% will help garner some press build momentum.  Encourage your network to visit the Virtual Wall at to see if we have photos

ND: 198/198  100%
NM: 367/399  91%
NC:  958/1611  60%
VA:  60/1307
NE: 23/397
DE: 31/123
MD: 45/1015
TX: 176/3416

Keep up the great work and don’t hesitate to call or email if you have ideas, questions, or concerns.


Jason Cain
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund
Director of Veterans Outreach

Tel: 202.393.0090 ext.107
Fax: 202.393.0029
Site: and

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