Honor and remember the 1048 Vietnam casualties from Washington State.

The Wall That Heals is in Auburn, Washington November 4th-7th.  Take a few moments to learn about a few of the 1048 service members from Washington State who paid the ultimate sacrifice during the Vietnam War.


Vietnam Casualties from Washington State – 1048

Seattle – 238

Spokane – 84

Tacoma – 79

Everett – 30

Olympia – 22

Vancouver – 21

Auburn – 11

Remembrances and Photographs Posted on VVMF’s Virtual Wall

CPL Gary L. Holz 

Auburn, WA

Always thinking about you Pops. I know your up in heaven looking down on us, still protecting us the way you always have. We will meet again one day and have a beer and catch the baseball game. I have so much to talk to you about and look forward to the day we can finally get started on all the time we have lost being together.  — Marty Holz


CPL Gary L. Holz, U.S. Army

SGT Monty L. Harbin 

Auburn, WA

A man I never got to see or meet, one whose love I will never know.  I know that you are walking on a heavenly street, surrounded by that angelic glow.
I think about you when I listen to dad talk, I wonder what you would have thought of me.  I wonder would we have gone on walks, I know that from heaven you can see.  I know you smile down and watch me as I live, One day we will meet in heaven above.  I know that you have love to give, and I want you to know of the Uncle that I love.  I miss you Uncle Monty, and I can’t wait for that day that I will be able to meet you for the first time and you will be able to see your Niece smile and feel my hugs.  I love you, Kristina


SGT Monty L. Harbin, U.S. Army

CPT Vesa J. Alakulppi                             Seattle, WA 

Vesa was the quintessential good guy, one who was confident in his abilities to hurdle any challenge, one who helped others who needed that extra push, and, most of all, one whom you could trust to get the job done with the minimum of fuss or fanfare.  I expected him to go far in his military career, so I was shocked to find out that it had ended too soon.  Since I belonged to the Philippine Army, I learned about his death only many years later.  I lost only a classmate and friend but America lost a great leader and a true hero.   — Brigadier General Ramon M. Ong (Ret)


CPT Vesa J. Alakulppi, U.S. Army

PFC Henry A. Dye Jr., U.S. Marine Corps

Auburn, WA

Hank it’s been 31 years and I still remember you. I’ve visited you at The Wall in DC, the touring Wall and one day maybe I can visit you where your resting.  I wrote to your sister for a while but the letters got fewer apart then we stopped. I remember our times in Boot Camp and on our fist pass in San Diego, but most of all I remember the last time I saw you just before I got on the medivac.  I remember the hurt I felt when I learned of your death and I still have that pain because you were and still are my friend.  — Chuck Boland

SGT Randal L. Rogers, U.S. Army

Auburn, WA

I often think of you and how things would have been if you had let them draft you the same time they took me.  I am sure I could have kept you alive and we would have fought together and lived out our dreams.  There was never a better friend or brother.  I still miss you sharing with me the excitement and passion you had for life.  Somehow I should have been able to convey my experiences in Nam to you before you dove in head first, full steam ahead.  I am sorry and proud to count you as my best friend for this life.  — Fred L. Fox

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