Blue Springs Missouri stop a resounding sucess!!

LOCATION: Blue Springs MO                                                          DATE: Sept 30 – Oct 3, 2010
DONATIONS: $ 10,651
We were met at the TA truckstop at Concordia MO by 250 motor cyclist from Rolling Thunder, Patriot Guard, Combat Vets Assoc., and various other motor cycle clubs. Also we had MO State Troopers and county sheriff’s providing the escort. They closed the interstate to other vehicles until we passed by.
As we turned off the interstate and proceeded down highway 7 people lined the streets waving the Flag. At the entrance to the street that Pink Hill Park is located 550 elementary kids lined both sides of the street waving the American Flag. It was truly a site to behold.
Each morning at 6:55 am they had an awakening ceremony with Reveille, posting the Colors, Pledge of Allegiance, the National Anthem, Welcome, Tribute to the Veterans, Moment of Silence, and a closing Prayer. There was also a ceremony each evening with guest speakers.
On Thursday evening Jan Scruggs, spoke and received a round of applause and a standing ovation by the crowd. Also speaking was LTC Elizabeth Delbridge-Keough Commander, Lake City Ammunition Plant.
On Friday, we went on a tour of the Lake City Ammunition Plant with a personal tour guide of LTC Keough. It was very empressive seeing how the ammuntion used by our troops is made from start to finish and then tested at their range for performance. A computer screen showed the details of the ammo as it left the weapon how it fired and how the bullet came a part. It was amazing watching and listening to the explosion of a round of 50 caliber gun.
The planning committee had been meeting for over a year and a half. They raised over $62,000 for the event, and had over 400 volunteers for the 4 day event. They did a lot of advertising prior to the arrival and the amount of visitors they had every day was proof that the advanced advertising was well worth it. A local paving company provided an asphalt walk way beside the Wall.
On Sunday, there was a point when people were lined up 5 deep in front of the Wall.

Check out a slideshow and recap of the weekends events by the volunteers that put it on.

Thanks Again to Eleanor Frasier, Mayor Carson Ross, Warren Parker, Michael Gormalley, Roscoe Righter, Kim Nakahodo, the city of Blue Springs and all of the hundreds of volunteers that made the event so memorable.