The Wall That Heals arrives in Oklahoma

The Wall That Heals has arrived in Oklahoma.  See below for a glimpse at Oklahoma’s sacrifice for our freedom.

Casualty Statistics:

Oklahoma – 989

Oklahoma City – 159

Lawton – 33

Midwest City – 21

Norman – 12

Vinita – 8

Remembrances and Photographs Posted on VVMF’s Virtual Wall

Posted for CPL BILLY G. GENT of Vinita, OK

I have heard you were a great person, outstanding soldier, and your family loves you so very much.  I hope you know you are missed everyday by your family.  I have recently married into your family and how great a family they are.  Your sister Peggy is a wonderful woman!  I am married to her son Trey, also a wonderful man.  Trey is a 2LT in the Army and we are all so very proud of him.  Trey and I have recently visited Washington, D.C. and were able to see your name on The Wall.  We had a rubbing made and I am going to make a remembrance for Peggy of you.  I know she will like it.  I also would like to say thanks for serving our country!  You will always be remembered! May you rest in peace, Billy.Geneva Rawdon

CPL Billy G. Gent
Posted for SP4 MICHAEL T. DRYDEN of Oklahoma City, OK

We were so young and had our share of fun together. We talked of home, girlfriends and that black hearse of yours you loved so much at Halloween.  Many days go by and I still have these memories—hoping that the others have not forgotten you.  We have been friends for many years.  Even though I have grown older, you are still so young, full of life and laughing.  I remember that day in May so long ago, the landing in the LZ, you carrying that damn M-14 that was bigger than you. The M-79 you carried for so long was a better fit, but no, you had to carry that big rifle. I remember that day as if were yesterday.Dan Ginder

SP4 Michael T. Dryden
Posted for LCPL RANDALL L MCELREATH of Midwest City, OK

Randy was the older brother for all of us kids on the block.  He was fun to be around and often pulled practical jokes.  He especially liked to start watermelon fights after eating it and his older brother usually got the worse of it. I was 16 when Randy lost his life in Viet Nam and even now I wonder what he could have accomplished in this life. His sense of humor and fair play would have taken him far in life.  Money didn’t mean too much to him, but being a buddy did.  His dad was in WWII and came back.  We all wish that Randy had come back, along with the others.Barbara Dollison

LCPL Randall L. McElreath
Posted for SP4 HARRY E DRESHER JR of Vinita, OK

Well, H.E., as we always called you, I want you to know you are thought about often.  Both my kids on separate occasions made rubbings of your name on The Wall and I have them hung up as a constant reminder of you.  I often wonder what your life would be like if you were still with us.  Likely you would have married.  What a great dad you would have made!  Granddad by now too.I cherish thoughts of when we would “drag main” at Vinita, also when we would work on our cars together, swim in Grand Lake, the laughs we would all have on off-campus lunches, even earlier times when we were in cub scouts and going to Will Rogers elementary school.  Two of the worst days of my life were when I found out you were killed and when you mom asked me if “was it was worth it?”  I always hoped there would never be another war, but knew in my heart that history teaches contrary.  I never wanted anyone else to go through those things. Just know you’ll always be remembered.Always, Randy Painter

SP4 Harry E. Dresher, Jr.

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