Thank you, VVM volunteers!

Any time you visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, you’ll see them: the men and women in the yellow hats.  These are the Vietnam Veterans Memorial volunteers, people who give their time to assist visitors at The Wall.

They can help you find a name and make a name rubbing.  They can tell you how the names are arranged, what the symbols next to the names mean, how the angle of The Wall is significant…..there probably isn’t a question you can think of that they can’t answer.

Sometimes, listening is the most valuable service they can offer.  When veterans, family and friends want to tell a story or talk about their pain, the volunteers are the ones who lend a sympathetic ear and give a pat on the back or a hug.

These people are extraordinary.  They give their time, stand outside in all kinds of weather and sometimes even travel great distances, all so they can ensure that the story of The Wall and the Vietnam War continue to be told. 

Some of these volunteers are Vietnam veterans, or they are the friends and family members of veterans.  But still others are people who were so moved by The Wall that they began volunteering themselves, to help visitors understand what this memorial represents.

Tomorrow, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund will hold a luncheon to honor all of these dedicated individuals.  Today, I want to add my thanks.

To an incredible group of people whose presence makes every trip to The Wall special–thank you for your service.